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Supporting women-led organisations

8 Mar 2022  by Megan Woolley  General

Today is International Women's Day! The day commemorates everything that women have done and achieved, and highlights issues such as gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence and abuse against women.

The earliest version of an International Women's Day was in New York in 1909. This IWD we would like to spotlight a few of the amazing women-focused charities and organisations in the UK and the South West.


"Our vision is for a society where all women in recovery can access good quality, psychologically informed, gender-based interventions without apology."

Trevi is a Plymouth-based charity who offer a range of services designed to put women first and respond to their individual experiences throughout their life. They support recovery from addiction, domestic abuse, mental ill health and provide family services with accredited training, counselling, creative therapies, drop-in women’s space, parenting support, peer mentoring and much more.

For more information and to support them, please see their website:

Young Women's Trust

"Your support will help empower  young women with the tools to unlock their potential, build a fairer working future and learn from one another."

Young Women’s Trust offers support to young women aged 18 to 30, who are living on low or no pay and want to build a better future. They carry out policy research, campaign for change, advocate activism and reach out to empower young women across the UK.

Support their work here: Young Women's Trust

Women for Refuge Women

This charity helps the women build up their confidence and communication skills - through English lessons, advice sessions, group yoga, drama classes and lunches - and also works with policy makers for a "fairer asylum process in the UK".

Starting today, they are taking part in the Big Give match fund campaign. They have pledged to  "support a network of over 350 refugee and asylum-seeking women to build their confidence, develop their skills and share solidarity with one another".

Find out more and support their campaign here: Women For Refuge Women The Big Give Campaign

My Body Back Project

"We’ve created specially tailored clinics and workshops for people who’ve experienced sexual violence. Designed and run by experts and survivors, everything we do is geared towards creating a calm, nurturing atmosphere where you’re in control and we’re there to take care of you."

They are a volunteer-run organisation supporting women and non-binary people who have experienced sexual violence to connect with their bodies, health and sexuality after assault. They offer cervical screening, contraceptive care, STI testing and maternity care. Created by activist, midwife and journalist Pavan Amara, they run their clinics in London and Glasgow and have created a rich online resource list for all to use.

To find out more about the Project and to visit their resources, check out their website: My Body Back Project

Resilient Women

"Our aim is to enable women to become more resilient for their futures and to work with what’s strong, not what’s wrong. "

Based out of the CoLab Exeter, the Resilient Women programme was set up in 2017 to support women with a trauma-informed approach across a range of issues, including mental health, homelessness, involvement in the justice system, domestic and sexual violence and abuse, and financial support.

During the pandemic and lockdown, they have started a number of online resilience activities, peer mentoring, and art workshops to continue to support women.

Check out the video at the top of this page and take a look at all their fabulous activities on their Twitter: @CoLab Women

Do you know of an organisation that does brilliant work with women? Give them a shout out and support their work!

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