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Devon Business & Education Trust

What we do?

Set up in August 2020, Devon Business & Education Trust (DBET) was founded as a response to COVID-19

With an aim to support disadvantaged COVID-affected groups, particularly those who are socially isolated, such as the local elderly population, young people whose employment situation has suffered and those individuals whose mental health has been impacted.

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Our purpose

To create personalised support and guidance, networking and upskilling opportunities to combat loneliness and isolation in the local community.

Our range of activities

Facilitated by high calibre experts, we support: unemployed or education leavers looking for employment; individuals struggling with their mental health; elderly people seeking companionship.

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Our values


We appreciate what others are going through, we empathise with them, and we show them that we care.


We strive to create an environment that respects everyone’s beliefs, experiences and opinions.


We like to think we are friendly, easy to talk to and put people at ease.


We value creativity, ideas and love drawing on our local environment for inspiration.

Easily accessible

Our no red tape approach means more people can access support.


We seek to have a meaningful effect on the experiences of people in our local community.

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About DBET

To create a safe space for people within their local community to connect, be inspired, grow and to learn.

On a late summer evening walk in 2020, a small group of friends had a conversation that sparked an idea. A vision. A desire to harness their passion for learning with the beauty of nature surrounding them.

Why us?

As parents, coaches and students, we understand the power of education.

As daughters and sons, we appreciate the wisdom of those who came before us. As human beings in the modern world, we value nature as one of our greatest mentors.

DBET provides a powerful combination. Expert educationalists and thinkers, with the natural surroundings at DBEC. A unique offering to cultivate and inspire the minds and souls of people within our community.

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